Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s Fantasy Wedding Featured on

BIGGEST FANTASY WEDDING: You may kiss the princess bride! Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan said their “I dos” on July 11 at an oceanside estate in front of 220 friends and family members. The couple’s whimsical wedding (planned by Mindy Weiss) featured a fantasy-fairy theme, with winged flower girls, a castle-shaped cake and crystal keepsakes for the guests. Check out the personal pics below…


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11 Responses to “Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s Fantasy Wedding Featured on”
  1. Denae says:

    Awwwww! so gorgeous!! <3
    i pray for the best for them :)

  2. mandizzle says:

    I personally think they are the bestest couple of 2009 and so on :)
    best wishes for them.

  3. Picture Perfect says:

    WOW, well done People – agreed this is the perfect fantasy wedding.

    They are both such beautiful people (let’s face it Jenna got Gold) and seem down to earth too.

    I pray they have a long and lasting marriage (keep it real) especially in Hollywood stay grounded always.

    Yes, they are far the best couple of 2009. I like the fact the Channing Tatum is holding her flowers mmmmmmaaaaaannnnn it’s 2009 why can’t more men do that makes him even more hotter and let’s face it can he be anymore hotter.

    I want my guy to be just like Channing Tatum as so far from what I have seen/read he comes across as honest and so real. Again, down to earth not like some Hollywood actors out there.

    I hope he never changes as he grows in popularity plus gains more respect for his acting not just for his looks (hot though) because he is a great actor, our future no. 1 actor for years to come and he should be respected more.

    Yeah, wish them both well. I want to sign up for a fantasy wedding as long as Channing Tatum is cloned, you did say fantasy so I can dream……he might be taken (he is lucky too) but there must be more men out there surely like him (don’t change Channing Tatum)?

  4. Caroline M. says:

    I love Channing!!! Cant wait for Dear John to come out…and loved GI Joe…Jenna is a really lucky girl. I hope the best for them and that they have many beautiful babies and make a wonderful family!!!<3

  5. Alisha M says:

    I agree, well done People. What a wonderful article. They are both beautiful and lucky people. Hope things stay good in their life together. Gorgeous pictures too!

  6. krystel says:

    Ahh channing… is so cute! Your my favorite actor with jenna!

  7. megha says:

    aww so cute he is amazing especially in g.i.joe n step up dude u rock

  8. Yadni says:

    You’re really meant for each other. Great couple! ♥♥♥

  9. wow, this is really a fairy tale love story. imaging they we’re just a love team in the movie Step Up then eventually they ended together and tied the knots! Congratulations Tatum and Dewan. hope you have a lot babies in the future hooray!

  10. Nesrine says:

    Most amazing couple out there, they are both so beautiful and talented and i love them
    Both so much! Goodluck with the future for both of you.


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